Ukraine Crisis

I am posting this here to make a timeline of the Ukraine Crisis for next time someone says that Russia is being aggressive.

Remember also that Ukraine was the highway Napolean and the Nazis used to invade Russia, so it’s not unreasonable for Russia to be a little sensitive about just who’s playing around there.

Here is a link to the Victoria Nuland Call – this happened before the elected government of Ukraine was over thrown

Here is a description of the 2014 coup, which does not mention U.S, or western involvement.  It does mention in passing that Ultra-Right Wing factions were involved.

Here is a description of “Right Sector”, now a political party but before the revolution, a coalition of far right groups, including Nazi Fucks

The actual Nazi Fucks

Note the “Not-a-Swaztika” symbol in their seal –

Here is an article about the US Congress going back on it’s agreement against funding Nazi Fucks

Congress Quietly Kills Ban On Funding Neo-Nazis In Ukraine

It is chock full of links-out and references

Here is John J. Mearsheimer  explaining why the US and the west are not blameless, but it requires registering