Do not unseat Trump

Okay. I am speaking in a real politik mode, here. I don’t like this sort of thinking,but we don’t live in a world where people are taught “What’s the principle, here?”

So. I am going to lead off with something sort of ugly that people don’t like to hear. Voting is a proxy for a civil war. Instead of fighting and the side that wins battles, wins campaigns and takes territory, we just sort of short cut to the side with more voters.

Representative democracy is where factions that might otherwise be sides in a civil war cooperate to divide spoils and share power.

Humans generally prefer this sort of thing because it’s a lot more orderly, less violent, less destructive and brings less suffering than really fighting. Once we’ve reduced a civil war to voting, and everyone agrees – then a political process takes over and we can go about our daily business and build our normal lives.

You see civil wars in cases where a faction doesn’t see the advantage to participating in voting and the political process, or where a faction or group is excluded from the political process. You see this in Africa a lot. Someone claws their way into the presidency and then doesn’t share shit. That leaves his rivals with the choice of fighting, or being excluded entirely.

You also see it in cases where a faction can’t score a total win in the political process and their leadership doesn’t feel like compromising or sharing.

A lot of third world countries have problems putting together the “Social Contract” to allow a political process to substitute for and displace actual war for the spoils and power.


Recently the U.S. elected Donald J, Trump as president. I think this has been a horrible mistake. I though George W. Bush was a mistake. I though re-electing GWB was complicity in war crimes.

I think voting for Obama was an understandable mistake, but a mistake none the less.

But, if some parliamentary slight-of-hand is used to undo the election, and prevent Trump from taking his turn, then what has been said there?

60 million people voted for Orange Leader. 60 million people said “That Guy”

If this is undone, what you’ve said to these people is that they are not invited to the political process – their votes and desires don’t count.

If they can’t get something from the political process, what’s their fall-back? How CAN they get what they want?

Using parliamentary fuckery to undo the election would be a disaster. A worse one than letting The First Cheeto fuck shit up.

If you look at the election map county by county, the divide is plain. This was a Rural versus Urban election.

I really hope that this divide does NOT continue to expand this way. It doesn’t go to good places.

Some people have pointed out a structural flaw in our system. The election is one-size-fits-all, winner take all.

Other democracies use a proportional representational system, where each political side gets a number of parliamentary seats commensurate with the number of votes they get. This means there is rarely a clear winner, and this can be undone. Political factions have to cooperate to form a government, which must reward the factions cooperating to make it.

Also, other democracies are smaller, and so aren’t trying to make a compromise that fits 300 million people from all these diverse backgrounds, priorities and needs.

As long as things stay centralized in Washington DC, and as long as the elections are so solidly winner takes all, this Rural v Urban divide will get worse.

If we take it as a given that government is a good thing (I don’t) then our current form needs to be remodeled to fit current needs. We have patterns that have been “working” better for quite a while.

If you asked me to remodel the US, I’d replace all state governments with proportional representative parliaments, and then put them all into a federated system. 50 reasonably sized countries flying mostly in formation. That wouldn’t really address the Urban v Rural conflict, but Urban parties would have to compromise with Rural parties or never get enough of a majority to get things done.

Okay, each state gets a bicameral legislature, a popularly elected side, and county-by-county side.

Anyway, this is all blah-di-blah.

Humans like our social order. We like stable, orderly worlds to live in.

Breaking that sucks. For everyone. Ask Syria. Ask Libya. Ask Iraq.

For most folks, a bad order is preferable to chaos and violence.

Right now, we still have some semblance of order, we still have the ghost of law and civilization hanging around.

But Rural America needs to be included. No matter how bad an idea I think Trump is, I think telling his voters that their votes don’t count is far, far worse. Because where do they go from there?

I suspect that Trump is ill-suited for the Job. I wonder if he might quit, at a certain point, leaving us with President Pence. But that’s all survivable. Breaking things badly enough to cause a war – America does not know suck like that’ll bring.

Really. Let’s not go there.


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