Who wins a civil war?

Who wins a civil war? The divides in America are very clear. There’s Rural America, and there’s Urban America.

If you look back at history, one thing is pretty plain. Wars suck. Civil wars suck real hard. Modernity is fragile. It goes away quickly under fire.
History shows us that Thomas Jefferson doesn’t usually win a rebellion or civil war. Tom Paine doesn’t do well, most of the time. John Adams doesn’t get much sway.

History shows us that Robespierre wins the conflict. Ho Chi Mihn. Castro. Joe Stalin. Mao. If there’s a war, often psychopaths and violent lunatics come to the top. And, it seems like human nature. When there’s a violent lunatic, in a war, everyone once in a blue moon, he starts surrounding himself with sycophants, yes-men, mooks, and flunkies.

And if that group is successful, well, say good-bye to any principles or ethics. Psychos like that love to pretend that every vile, evil thing they do is legal and justifiable.


If there’s a rural vs urban WAR in the US, let me tell you. It’s going to be made of shit, and awful and stands a very good chance of handing everything over to some mass murdering psychopath.

Don’t just take my word for it. Look at every rebellion, revolution and civil war in the last 120 years, and then try to map that onto the United States.

If there is an Urban vs Rural war in the United States, it will be not fun. And we stand a very good chance… you and I, me – Jay and you the person reading this. We stand a chance of not being alive by the end of it. Almost certainly the US will be a third world shit hole after this war and staying there forever.

This is why I say do not unseat Trump. If you tell rural America that their voices don’t count, that they have no place in the political system, then you’re breaking the social contract that says politics is preferable to violence.

Trump is an idiot and can do a lot of damage. But I doubt he can destroy the idea of the United States. I doubt he can destroy the very idea that you can drive across your town and only have to pay traffic fines and taxes to your local government, and not bribes to whatever gang/militia can set up a checkpoint along your path.

Unseating Trump could lead to chaos, mayhem, destruction and mass suffering.

I’d rather take my chances with Trump than try to survive the second civil war.

Apparently, a lot of Urban Americans are not really clear on the intricate, delicate and fragile network that keeps American cities alive.

I don’t want to be there when this lesson gets taught by hard, cold experience. I *like* living inside. I like light, heat, water, sewage, and the internet. It’s 5 degrees (f) in Spokane, as I write this. I don’t want to have to try and tough this shit out on the street while starving dirty and wading through shit.

Our ancestors did this. They worked hard to set it up so we don’t have to.

The answer is, usually power mad psychopaths win a civil war.  But really, we all stand to lose.  And lose big.


4 thoughts on “Who wins a civil war?

  1. I don’t know that it is avoidable any longer.

    The entire attempt to unseat Trump just legitimized every “Obama declares martial law” meme ever circulated, and every crazy conspiracy theory about totalitarianism gaining control in the US.

    The media is committing suicide and driving the entire nation to it as well with their unquestioned support of unseating Trump, and with their support of everything “rural America” does not believe in.

    No matter what anyone’s political views or musical taste is I would recommend all people take the advice of Ice Cube; Rule number one, get yourself a gun.

  2. Dude, seriously? WTF do you think the whole Obama Birth Certificate thing was about? Trying to find a legalistic way to neutralize Obama’s presidency.

    The partisanship and triablism between the “sides” leads to a lot of confimation bias and slanted narratives.

    And that’s kind of scary. Making someone less than human, threatening and scary is the first step towards motivating soldiers to kill them.

    • The birther movement was always a fringe, never mainstream right. It never had any chance and was never serious. It was tin foil hat stuff.

      The effort to take the election from Trump was mainstream left, and completely serious.

      Also, after settling the birther stuff with Obama and McCain (born in Panama) the left hypocritically threw it at Cruz (born in Canada) duringthe primary.

      The rest of it I agree with you on.

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