Okay – this is going to get ugly, but it can’t be helped.

Richard Spencer is a White Identitarian. by his own account. He thinks the races should be segregated. He advocated for “peaceful ethnic cleansing”

Now I am going to drop into history and I am going to use some ugly words here. But why these words are ugly is telling. This may offend you. I feel being honest about bad things is better than hiding from there.

Spanish for “Black” is “Negro” – I think in Spanish, you’d use a long “e”. N-eh-gro.

The Spanish were among the first to import African slaves to the Americas, so their word “Negro” become the one used to describe these African people.

Over time, in American usage, the term gained a hard “e”. N-ee-gro.

It also spawned the term “Nigger” a description of black people that’s a corrupted form of the Spanish word.

This label was used to create emotional distance. People who engaged in slavery invented racism in order to tell themselves that their victims weren’t really human. So they called Africans and people of African descent “niggers” to de-humanize them. To emotionally place black people in a box where the racist didn’t have to feel empathy for them.

This happens all over human history. It’s one of the saddest things we do. This ability to withdraw empathy from people lays near the heart of every atrocity and crime in history.

Over time, black people wound up adopting the word.

But, among black people, it’s pretty easy to see “nigger” is used to replace “fellow” “That fellow went over there.” “There’s my fine fellow!” “What is that fellow thinking?” and so on.

However, in the mouth of a white person… it’s a reference not to “Fellows” or whatever hip hop song. It’s a reference to that history of dehumanization.

Up until the 1950s, occasionally black people were lynched. Think of the sort of thinking that goes into that! The people who did those lynchings had, like the slavers before them, completely divorced themselves from the humanity of their victim. They turned their empathy off.

The word “nigger” in a white mouth is that dehumanization. That’s what it means.

And you can find examples all over the human experience.

Nazis and Jews. Hutus and Tutsis. Revolutionaries and Reactionaries.

All of these rest on labels. a way to mentally make your victim not really human.

This is how soldiers could dig a mass grave and machine gun women and children into it. They didn’t think of those women and children as really human.

Regarding Native Americans in Sand Creek massacre, Chivington said “Nits make lice.”  He compared human beings to vermin.

Okay – so this – this tendency to dehumanize people. To withdraw compassion and empathy. This is why the word “nigger” is absolutely offensive. By keeping it offensive we remind ourselves that such brutality, that this kind of induced sociopathy – it’s a monster that lives inside us. All of us. It’s part of the Human Condition.

So Richard Spencer says he doesn’t think blacks are inferior, and he doesn’t hate them. He says he just likes white people more and would like to see a “European Ethno-state” achieved by “Peaceful Ethnic Cleansing”

But what Spencer wants to do, is, he wants to emphasize that white people and black people are materially different kinds of human being. (Factually false)

He wants to establish very carefully, definitely and clearly an “Us” (White people) and a “Them” (Black people, or Latino people, or whatever)

This separation of “us” and “them” is the first step on a road that leads to “nits make lice”

He thinks somehow, you could divide humans into different teams, and yet somehow, against dozens and dozens of examples throughout history – that these teams could separate peacefully.

Now people are forever talking about “us” and “them” and will talk your ear clean off about how “we” are all just wonderful innocent and the war is self-defense. They’ll talk about how “they” are hateful, violent, threatening and an imminent danger to everyone innocent.

And this idiot Spencer wants MORE of that shit?

Okay – but this all gives Spencer the benefit of the doubt. It assumes he is what he portrays, a peaceful White Seperatist.

But what does a more cynical outlook look like?

What happens if Spencer is not portraying himself accurately?

Then he becomes not a useful idiot of Nazis, but someone who is trying to smuggle as much white supremacy as he can in through the loophole of freedom of speech. He is working hard to make himself sound like a reasonable proponent of an unusual, radical but entirely innocent and non-violent idea.

But why divide into teams? Why divide into Us and Them? Why demand to be allowed to do this label setting that is a first step and cover for emotionally dehumanizing people?

I honestly do not believe that Spencer is the innocent and rational person he claims to be.

Currently, Spencer is only talk. Hot air. His ideas should be confronted with reason. Facts. Evidence.

Like, what does Spencer plan to do with the last 5 black people who refuse to leave White-Topia because they own houses and do not wish to give them up?  Would he harrass and stalk them and call that free speech?

Mocking (also free speech) derision (free speech) and ridicule are all strong options as well.

Spencer has the right to advocate for his weird little ethno-utopia. And I have an equal right to call him a morally retarded fuck stick for it.

But watch out for this bullshit. Seriously keep an eye out.

Because some assholes –

They want to be seen as rational, reasonable and only using their free speech rights, until they outnumber you. Until they catch you alone with 5 to 1 odds.

Until they don’t have to pander to a wider public audience. They don’t have keep up that persona of being reasonable.

When they feel there will be no repercussions, then you see what they’re really made of.

I strongly suspect Spencer is like that. If there is a God and he is kind, we will never find out.

Until then, yeah our antifa friend there was outside the lines of acceptable behavior.

But I will be pointing and laughing at Spencer. I am under a self-imposed principle not to initiate violence. That doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy an asshole’s misfortune.


Ukraine Redux

Okay, look, the basics of the Ukraine crisis are this

If you look back in history, Ukraine is like East Poland. It’s a flat zone without much in the way of natural defenses – which makes it a target for conquest and for big armies moving through.

Ukraine has a hard time keeping itself in one piece. and at different times the area we now call Ukraine has been both unified and separate kingdoms.

It’s notable that Ukraine shares borders with Poland, Germany, and Russia.


Okay, so Ukraine was captured by the Soviet Union right after WWI.

In the 1920s there was an event called the “Holodomor” –  The Soviets starved an insane number of Ukrainians to death.

Then they resettled the area with Russian speaking folks.


So you had Ukrainian-speaking Ukrainians in the west and Russian-speaking Ukrainians in the east.

Then WWII started up.

When Hitler invaded in 1941, Some of the western Ukrainian-speaking Ukrainians jumped up and joined with the Nazis. They saw the Nazis as an alternative to the communists (Who’d just murdered a crazy number of Ukrainians.) One of those guys was Banderas.

Now the Nazis weren’t nice to anyone, but they weren’t as big a pack of assholes to the Ukranian anti-soviet resistance.

But the Russians came back through and crushed all opposition. The Russians were not especially happy with the Ukrainians who sided with the Nazis.

Over the next 40 years, Ukraine was smashed flat (culturally) and became a solid piece of the Soviet Union. The eastern part of Ukraine was built up into an industrial, economic powerhouse. Of course, Russian speaking folks were treated better. There was always an underlying Russian favoring bias in the Soviet Union.

Then when the Soviet Union fell, Ukraine became a separate nation.

Now American Neocons never got over the cold war. They always viewed the world like a giant game of Risk. If the Soviet Union fell apart, if the various nations went their separate ways – that was time to really cinch down the win in The Big Game of Risk.

So despite George HW Bush promising Gorbachev that NATO would not move one inch east – the west’s influence pushed east.

Ukraine had problems. They tried to run a modern, European-style welfare state on top of an outdated industrial base. So the government’s income never matched its outgo.

So they made this up by borrowing.

But if you borrow too much, eventually people are going to measure your debt versus your income. And if those numbers don’t match up well, they won’t lend you money so much anymore.

In the early 2000s, Ukraine suffered badly from this and struggled with too much debt and not being able to properly modernize.

And then the West, especially the Neocons wanted to flip Ukraine from one team to the other team.

So in 2004, there was the “Orange Revolution”



This was a mess and the result was sort of ambiguous.

Russia tussled with Ukraine and imposed sanctions and other measures to try and force Ukraine to, if not stay a loyal puppet, at least to not become a client state to the west.


But in 2014 it started up again

(This article has a good timeline as well)

So when there was a coup and “Protestors” overthrew the Ukrainian government – there was a problem.


The problem was that not only were the protestors and some of the militants aligned with fuckin NAZIs, but they were keenly aware of ethnicity.

They were Pro-Ukrainian Speaking Ukrainians (From west Ukraine) at the EXPENSE of Russian Speaking Ukrainians (from east Ukraine)

So when the new government started promulgating rules banning Russian…


The Russian Speaking folks felt that the Kiev Government was not only illegitimate but actively hostile to them.

So they declined to submit to the Kiev government and decided to go their own way.

Now in Crimea, their response to this was to hold a plebiscite and leave Ukraine in favor of re-joining Russia. Crimea was part of Russia until 1956 when a drunken Kruschov handed it over to Ukraine.


Not only were a huge majority of people in Crimea Russian speaking people of Russian Descent, but Crimea holds important Russian naval bases. So Russian Sailors and their dependents make up a lot of the population the of the area.

Now the Kiev gov’t was NOT HAPPY about Crimea leaving. But it was all peaceful and largely the desire of the Crimea people.

But when the large Eastern cities and provinces started to peel off, Kiev had a serious problem.

Although outdated. the eastern Ukrainian cities were industrial and heavily populated. They are a MAJOR source of tax revenue for the Kiev government.

If these eastern areas leave, then the Kiev government loses a LOT of money

and STILL has to pay off the Debts racked up by previous spendthrift Ukranian governments!

So Ukraine sent their army to stop the eastern cities from leaving.


But that gives Putin a problem.

Russians in Russia are aware of their cousins and family members over in eastern Ukraine. They want them to be protected.

Putin tried to get word to the Kiev government that he was paying attention to how Russian speakers were treated in Ukraine.

But Kiev is panicking about provinces and cities peeling away.

So Putin has to take steps to protect Russian-speaking Ukrainians of Russian descent, or he’ll be seen as weak to threats right on his border. And Russians along that border who’s cousins are being abused will be pissed.

But wars are F-ing Expensive! No one knows what the west would do if the Russians rolled Armored divisions into Ukraine and hit a reset button that way.

So Putin split the difference. He set it up so deniable Russian Soldiers could go “Volunteer” with the eastern Ukrainian rebels.

This has caused this Ukrainian Civil War to drag on, be horribly expensive and cost a lot of lives.

Of course, if they asked me, I’d say to allow a sort of cultural federalism, to not fuck with Russian-speaking Ukrainians about speaking Russian.

I’d also work for a sort of economic open borders policy, so Russia and Germany can move goods and services back and forth, with Ukraine taking a light touch each way.

If Russia and Germany and Poland become strong trading partners, then they get richer. If they get richer all the rest of us do, too by second, third, fourth and so on order effects.

Happy humans are just better for everyone.

This sort of policy would cause Neocons to shit themselves and say silly things, which is another benefit of that policy.

Now, let’s be clear here. Putin is NOT a nice man.

Ask the Chechnyans

Or people who live in Apartment Buildings in Moscow

And let me be clear THERE – I strongly suspect a Russian faction of those bombings, using them as an excuse to form a more centralized and powerful government.

But if you look at Ukraine and Syria

What you see is a Dictator on a Budget. You see a strong man with a limited bank acccount. He is using force in an extremely thrifty, careful and parsimonious way.

This isn’t surprising when you considered that Russia has a GDP comparable to Italy.

They really can’t AFFORD a big conventional forces confrontation with a competitor power.

BUT Also remember

All the powers in WWI thought the war would be a done deal in a few months, and made their plans based on this assumption. They were broke early on in the war (Everyone fighting was) and they borrowed themselves almost into penury to keep the fight going.

The economic instabilities of the 1920s and 1930s in Europe can, in some measure, be traced back to the U.K. admantly refusing to admit just how bad they’d broken their bank fighting WWI, and so monkeying with the British Pound to keep it’s per-unit purchasing power up.

If modern powers are calulating fighting a war with similarly stupid unrealistic assumptions – then once it goes, the powers fighting will have no choice but to fake it until they collapse or win.

This image of Russia as a newly aggressive threat in the world really is not consistent with the facts and Russia’s actions. They’re not good guys, but they’re not rolling 50,000 tanks, either.

The Ukraine problem has a lot of East v West stupidity behind it and could be resolved if people agreed to live with each others differences, and if we could get Neocons who think they’re playing Risk away from the levers of power.
The American Media loves White Hats and Black Hats and has volunteered Russia to be the Black Hats, so they only tell the parts of the Ukraine story that support the image of Russia as black hats.

The real story is much more nuanced, complex and needs solutions that don’t buy into old story lines as part of their premises.

Abdulrahman al-Awlaki

This is the last time I am going to post this. Obama leaves office in 5 days.

The picture is Abdulrahman al-Awlaki




They’ve updated the story since I last checked.

“Two U.S. officials speaking on condition of anonymity stated that the target of the October 14, 2011 airstrike was Ibrahim al-Banna, an Egyptian believed to be a senior operative in Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula.”

Obama and his administration were never held to account for this killing and most people don’t even know what happened.

Abdulrahman was never charged with a crime, never tried for a crime, never found guilty in any court of law. The killing was completely outside the law.

And no one called Obama out on it.

Targeted Killings


These are bad ideas. They will come back to haunt us. Obama could have put this outside the reason of the US president and never did.

So. If you are of a mind to, remember Abdulrahman al-Awlaki

Like Move and Waco

Another step in the wrong direction.


Branch Davidian Massacre




Reposted for Evidence

Number 223, May 11, 2003

Why I Took Down “Old Glory”
by Jay P Hailey

I used to love my flag. I used to love the little 3 X 4″ ones they’d hand out every 4th of July. I’d take them home and plant or post them all over my house.

I had Stars and Stripes pins. I went and bought a lapel pin after 9/11. A friend chided me gently about jumping on the bandwagon and I said, “You know I’ve been a flag waver all along. I’ll have these things up and displayed even after it’s no longer cool.”

My friend nodded. He’d seen my collection.

I can read history. I know of some of the terrible crimes that have been committed under that flag. (Ask any Native American). But to me this flag represented a promise. a Promise that if we kept liberty in mind and kept taking steps in that direction, maybe one day it would really stand for the principles of that vague promise.

Everyone equal under the law, everyone has the same rights, by their very nature. I own myself. You own yourself and there would be lines a just government just wouldn’t cross.

The Reagan Administration worried me, using the flag more for PR and symbolism that substance. Nice photo ops of the great leader while the promises went unfulfilled.

Then the Flag Burning amendment came up. I never spoke at any great length with anyone on a “pro” side of that. The couple of people I approached became very emotional and angry, difficult to speak with.

One patch of dirt calling itself Freedonia is pretty much the same as another patch of dirt calling itself Anvilania. The difference is in the principles.

People seemed will to throw away principles in favor of an incoherent shriek that our patch of dirt is better “just ’cause!”

My faith was restored (a little) when the Flag Burning Amendment died, and had its little corpse dragged around to make political hay. Just another PR stunt. Nothing to see here.

Then Sept 11 happened. We were all new Yorkers that day, and we were all Americans. The individuals doing what they felt right lifted my spirits like I can’t express to you. The immediate aftermath independent of the government was one of this country’s shining moments. This is when we saw some of what people were made of.

There was some backlash against Muslims and Arab Americans. My True Love went up to the Muslim-American Center here in town and placed her delicate body between it and any possible threat, and she wasn’t alone when she did it.

Repeated calls went out that can be summarized “Hey, don’t be an idiot, don’t take it out on our Muslim and Arab neighbors.”

I was on cloud nine. “This is who we are!” I thought.

Then the Patriot act passed and I thought “Uh oh!” and hoped it was just another PR stunt. It’s not.

Then came the war in Afghanistan. 3000 Afghanis dead and counting (Plus over 200 of our brothers and sisters in uniform, and counting). W made all sort of promises with my tax money, and then didn’t live up to any of them. (Instead all of our tax dollars go to buy 36 Virginia Class attack subs that have no purpose in the world of today, or tax cuts to corporations that contribute millions to the re-election campaign.)

Then we hear of Americans being taken prisoner and hauled off without the benefit of counsel or due process.

Then the war in Iraq. We all new it was coming the moment the President sighed like a little boy forced to apologize and marched into the U.N and said “My way or the highway!”

I remember the goofy rationalizations and lies, and an unstoppable momentum towards attacking a country that posed us no threat at all.

Now there are 2500 Iraqi people dead (probably a lot more) and counting. Another 200 American Service people dead, and counting.

People are still cheering. If the aftermath of 9/11 is the best of our country, the war in Iraq is our dark side. The news says a lot of people support the war. The permanent, floating “War Against Whatever It Is, This Week”. Some people “Support Our Troops”, which I take to mean like rooting for the home team in the big game.

Except this ain’t the super bowl. 400+ of our people would are gone and so are tens of thousands of people in Afghanistan and Iraq. Those aren’t touchdowns. Those are dead human beings.

I support our troops. Let’s bring them home, feed them cookies and buy them drinks! Sending them out to die for the cause of Halliburton’s bottom line is not supporting them by any definition I can call sane.

Any of the promises or principles that I used to feel were attach to that red, white and blue rag have been obliterated. It’s just the gang colors of the meanest batch of monkeys on some random patch of dirt.

I had to take it down. I looked at Stars and Stripes but instead I saw Swastikas, Hammers-and-Sickles, red flags, Jolly Rogers and maybe a crusader’s cross or two.

I hear Fox News, CNN and MSNBC giving Bush blowjobs right out of the Gobbels manual for fascist propaganda, always with that rag fluttering nearby.

It’s not a promise any more. It’s a lie and a direct threat of violence.

Recently I began to purchase Gadsdens. The yellow flag with the rattlesnake and the legend “Don’t Tread on Me”.

I can believe in that. Leave me alone. I don’t want to play “Justify the Nazi” any more. I don’t want to pay for his war machines and his jackbooted thugs. I certainly don’t want them pointed at me.

America once might have been the land of the free, but now it’s the land of the free ride for rich oil barons and corrupt energy executives paid for with the fruits of my labor. This monster is paid for in the blood of people who I’ve never met and who now want to kill me.

So I took down the symbol of the Texas Reich, the symbol of the largest, richest and one of the more brutal Evil Empires in all history. I would no sooner fly the swastika in my home or office.

They took a symbol I loved and believed in and destroyed it.

Goddamn them. Goddamn the Bush administration and their corporate cronies and all their power hungry thugs who don’t understand that it’s just another set of gang colors unless it means something.

I am going to get used to saying it. I bet I’ll be saying it more and more over the next several years.