Okay – this is going to get ugly, but it can’t be helped.

Richard Spencer is a White Identitarian. by his own account. He thinks the races should be segregated. He advocated for “peaceful ethnic cleansing”

Now I am going to drop into history and I am going to use some ugly words here. But why these words are ugly is telling. This may offend you. I feel being honest about bad things is better than hiding from there.

Spanish for “Black” is “Negro” – I think in Spanish, you’d use a long “e”. N-eh-gro.

The Spanish were among the first to import African slaves to the Americas, so their word “Negro” become the one used to describe these African people.

Over time, in American usage, the term gained a hard “e”. N-ee-gro.

It also spawned the term “Nigger” a description of black people that’s a corrupted form of the Spanish word.

This label was used to create emotional distance. People who engaged in slavery invented racism in order to tell themselves that their victims weren’t really human. So they called Africans and people of African descent “niggers” to de-humanize them. To emotionally place black people in a box where the racist didn’t have to feel empathy for them.

This happens all over human history. It’s one of the saddest things we do. This ability to withdraw empathy from people lays near the heart of every atrocity and crime in history.

Over time, black people wound up adopting the word.

But, among black people, it’s pretty easy to see “nigger” is used to replace “fellow” “That fellow went over there.” “There’s my fine fellow!” “What is that fellow thinking?” and so on.

However, in the mouth of a white person… it’s a reference not to “Fellows” or whatever hip hop song. It’s a reference to that history of dehumanization.

Up until the 1950s, occasionally black people were lynched. Think of the sort of thinking that goes into that! The people who did those lynchings had, like the slavers before them, completely divorced themselves from the humanity of their victim. They turned their empathy off.

The word “nigger” in a white mouth is that dehumanization. That’s what it means.

And you can find examples all over the human experience.

Nazis and Jews. Hutus and Tutsis. Revolutionaries and Reactionaries.

All of these rest on labels. a way to mentally make your victim not really human.

This is how soldiers could dig a mass grave and machine gun women and children into it. They didn’t think of those women and children as really human.

Regarding Native Americans in Sand Creek massacre, Chivington said “Nits make lice.”  He compared human beings to vermin.

Okay – so this – this tendency to dehumanize people. To withdraw compassion and empathy. This is why the word “nigger” is absolutely offensive. By keeping it offensive we remind ourselves that such brutality, that this kind of induced sociopathy – it’s a monster that lives inside us. All of us. It’s part of the Human Condition.

So Richard Spencer says he doesn’t think blacks are inferior, and he doesn’t hate them. He says he just likes white people more and would like to see a “European Ethno-state” achieved by “Peaceful Ethnic Cleansing”

But what Spencer wants to do, is, he wants to emphasize that white people and black people are materially different kinds of human being. (Factually false)

He wants to establish very carefully, definitely and clearly an “Us” (White people) and a “Them” (Black people, or Latino people, or whatever)

This separation of “us” and “them” is the first step on a road that leads to “nits make lice”

He thinks somehow, you could divide humans into different teams, and yet somehow, against dozens and dozens of examples throughout history – that these teams could separate peacefully.

Now people are forever talking about “us” and “them” and will talk your ear clean off about how “we” are all just wonderful innocent and the war is self-defense. They’ll talk about how “they” are hateful, violent, threatening and an imminent danger to everyone innocent.

And this idiot Spencer wants MORE of that shit?

Okay – but this all gives Spencer the benefit of the doubt. It assumes he is what he portrays, a peaceful White Seperatist.

But what does a more cynical outlook look like?

What happens if Spencer is not portraying himself accurately?

Then he becomes not a useful idiot of Nazis, but someone who is trying to smuggle as much white supremacy as he can in through the loophole of freedom of speech. He is working hard to make himself sound like a reasonable proponent of an unusual, radical but entirely innocent and non-violent idea.

But why divide into teams? Why divide into Us and Them? Why demand to be allowed to do this label setting that is a first step and cover for emotionally dehumanizing people?

I honestly do not believe that Spencer is the innocent and rational person he claims to be.

Currently, Spencer is only talk. Hot air. His ideas should be confronted with reason. Facts. Evidence.

Like, what does Spencer plan to do with the last 5 black people who refuse to leave White-Topia because they own houses and do not wish to give them up?  Would he harrass and stalk them and call that free speech?

Mocking (also free speech) derision (free speech) and ridicule are all strong options as well.

Spencer has the right to advocate for his weird little ethno-utopia. And I have an equal right to call him a morally retarded fuck stick for it.

But watch out for this bullshit. Seriously keep an eye out.

Because some assholes –

They want to be seen as rational, reasonable and only using their free speech rights, until they outnumber you. Until they catch you alone with 5 to 1 odds.

Until they don’t have to pander to a wider public audience. They don’t have keep up that persona of being reasonable.

When they feel there will be no repercussions, then you see what they’re really made of.

I strongly suspect Spencer is like that. If there is a God and he is kind, we will never find out.

Until then, yeah our antifa friend there was outside the lines of acceptable behavior.

But I will be pointing and laughing at Spencer. I am under a self-imposed principle not to initiate violence. That doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy an asshole’s misfortune.


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