Check out this little girl.  Isn’t she cute?


About 5 days into Donald Trump’s regime, Navy Seals shot her. In the neck.  It took her two hours to bleed out and die.

She is Nawar Al-Awlaki.  She is Abdulrahman Al Awlaki’s little sister. She was in the compound when Navy Seals attacked.  The people in that compound had no real ability to attack the USA.  A couple of terror attack attempts have originated in Yemen.  Our defensive measures succeeded and they never got close.

Apparently, this raid was on Obama’s desk and he declined it since the intel didn’t support it. Trump sent them in.

It got a Navy Seal killed, too.  His name is Chief Petty Officer William “Ryan” Owens.


The raid was botched

So Trump had Special Forces go kill a bunch of people and get killed or injured.  To make himself look tough.

This is what drives me absolutely ape-shit.  Politicians order these things with an eye towards how it will make them look.  They’re no-shit killing no-shit real human beings to affect how people see them.

That’s fucking depraved.  And Americans either stand by, or make excuses for it.


Let’s go back over this. Killing human beings, or placing them in danger of being killed to score political points is MURDER  MUR-FUCKING-DER..

This raid killed some Al-Qaeda guys, and I have no beef with killing Al-Qaeda guys.  Fuck Them. They, however, are upfront and in your face about killing people to get their way.  They openly say they are going to murder their way to their goals and more unjust and murdery it is, the better they like it.

But, by any sane standards of ethics, it is ONLY okay to ONLY kill Al-Qaeda guys.  Killing people standing next to Al-Qaeda guys for standing next to Al-Qaeda guys is NOT okay.

That’s ethics.  The utilitarian point is this.  Middle-Eastern people have been saying for more than 50 years that Americans do not give a shit about their lives, or their well-being.  All the talk of ethics, and how the Nazis were bad for doing Nazi shit, that apparently only counts for White People.  For Non-White people across the sea, there are no rules and their lives seem to have no value.

This has been a fucking Al-Qaeda talking point since at least 1996.

And here’s Trump making it true.  He is SELLING Al-Qaeda’s pitch to their audience! He’s justifying Al-Qaeda’s bullshit.

American Presidents pretend, really hard and say right to your face they are not mass murderers. And they are LYING.

With that raid, Donald J. Trump joined the ranks of mass murderers in the world. Fuck Him.  In the nose.

That’s the downside to this Flaming Clown Show of an administration. Innocent people died. More are going to.  If Trump stacks up enough of them, he’s going to drive more Al-Qaeda recruitment and donations. And that means more deaths and violence.

The question that’s up in the air is… how many?  Will it be you or me?

Stay safe please. Hopefully someday we can tell young people how we survived all this.


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